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Today I’m excited to share my new song from my upcoming album The Heart Speaks In Whispers called “Stop Where You Are”.

Sometimes we hold our happiness away from ourselves because we’re waiting for the perfect moment and we say, ‘When I get this job, I’ll be happy. When I lose this weight, I’ll be happy. When I get a partner, I’ll be happy. So I really wanted to write this song, which is about being in the moment and being present, and stopping and ritualising the moment, celebrating it. I love the image of being in darkness and lighting a fire and saying, ‘Here we are together. This is life with all its pain, all its agony, all its beauty, all of its joy. This is it, this is what we have, this is the world that we’ve made!

"Stop Where You Are" is about being present, stopping and celebrating what's happening right at this very moment.

Love, Corinne

Get "Stop Where Your Are”, along with “Green Aphrodisiac” and “Been To The Moon”, straight away when you pre-order my new album, The Heart Speaks In Whispers.

“Stop Where You Are” is also featured on the Spotify Complete Corinne Bailey Rae playlist!